Friday, December 12, 2008

Latest software release: v3.0

Affirm is very excited to announce our latest software release of Revolve v3.0.
Here's what's new:

1. Copy fields
This new field enables you to copy all information about a client or deal to a new record for repeat customers and consecutive deals. You’ll never have to retype data such as company names and address' again.

2. Invite enhancements
The ability to share documentation to multiple different parties has long been a feature of Revolve. Now you can have greater control over that sharing, as well as being able to invite multiple parties at the same time.

3. Rich UI
Our rich UI now allows the editing of forms or contracts into a UI just like you are typing onto a sheet of paper. It is based on PDF layouts and makes it perfect for completing pre-defined forms.

As usual we have had a lot of help from our clients in coming up with the key development initiatives. Thank you to everyone for your ideas and feedback over the past six months or so. Your feedback continues to be critical to driving our innovation.

Email us back any further ideas and suggestions for improvements.