Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Revolve Auto-fill form vs Hand written form

We keep talking about how much time your will save using Revolve to complete your forms - but a video is worth 1000 words. This is a quick and fun example of how much time you can save with just a two page form – and we know most forms are longer than that. Of course, you and your staff would never be so frivolous to take a tea break – you would be hard at work!

What will you do with your spare time?

Monday, March 16, 2009

SME reduce document data entry by 67%

SME Commercial Finance was looking for an additional IT solution to improve efficiencies in providing finance to their clients. Their quoting process involved a lot of double handing, was time consuming and led to errors in the origination process.

SME wanted a system to eliminate errors in documentation, reduce time in processing transactions and allow multiple parties within the business to work on a single transaction at the same time.

Affirm Software’s Revolve™ was installed to automate and streamline the creation and management of SME’s finance deal documentation and paperwork. Within the origination process, SME typically produced up to ten sets of paperwork, starting with a quote through to a customer agreement. Affirm developed “smart” documents, forms and contracts to automate this process – effectively enabling users to only enter client information once which then auto populated across all documents. Revolve effectively reduced document data entry in their origination process by 67%.

Revolve enabled multiple parties authorised by SME to centrally produce and control new documents and client contracts through all stages of the negotiation, formulation and administration of a contract. This has reduced the time it has taken to process deals significantly.

The key benefits Revolve has delivered for SME include:

• Improved productivity and reduced errors by enabling content to be entered once and reused up to 10 times for any one deal
• Multiple parties work on a single transaction at the same time, reducing errors and saving time
• A reduction in the volume of paperwork, providing significant archiving and print savings

With Affirm, SME are developing the system further so that all introducers can access the system from their office or their client’s office and generate and accept quotes for SME products.

To download the case study go to: http://www.affirmsoftware.com.au/sme

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Latest Software Release v3.03

Affirm is excited to announce our latest software release of Revolve v3.03.

Here's what's new:

- Rich UI - The system now allows you to view an overview of groups of documents within a contract – something that previously was harder to view in the navigation.
- Editing excel documents online - You can now edit and upload excel documents quickly.
- Lookups - The system now provides for postcard and ABN look ups from within the system.
- Quick save - The system now has a quick save button to enable you to easily return to a contract and re edit them, if you are working on multiple activities and need to do so.

Email us back any further ideas and suggestions for improvements.