Friday, December 12, 2008

Latest software release: v3.0

Affirm is very excited to announce our latest software release of Revolve v3.0.
Here's what's new:

1. Copy fields
This new field enables you to copy all information about a client or deal to a new record for repeat customers and consecutive deals. You’ll never have to retype data such as company names and address' again.

2. Invite enhancements
The ability to share documentation to multiple different parties has long been a feature of Revolve. Now you can have greater control over that sharing, as well as being able to invite multiple parties at the same time.

3. Rich UI
Our rich UI now allows the editing of forms or contracts into a UI just like you are typing onto a sheet of paper. It is based on PDF layouts and makes it perfect for completing pre-defined forms.

As usual we have had a lot of help from our clients in coming up with the key development initiatives. Thank you to everyone for your ideas and feedback over the past six months or so. Your feedback continues to be critical to driving our innovation.

Email us back any further ideas and suggestions for improvements.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Affirm attends FPA 2008 National Conference

Affirm Software will be exhibiting at the Financial Planners Association (FPA) annual conference from 18-21 November in the Gold Coast.

The company will be launching its Revolve product, built specifically for the Wealth Management industry.

As Australia's leading educational and professional development event for financial planners, Affirm will host a number of their key clients throughout the event who will attend to learn about latest industry developments.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Affirm's Director claims Telstra business awards 2008

Jeff Bonnes, Affirm's CEO is a talented and savvy IT professional, with strong business and entrepeneurial skills. He manages three successful online businesses - two in the business to consumer space, in addition to Affirm Software, which all focus on self-service models.

Jeff's other business, Find A Babysitter ( is an online babysitter and nanny directory, which won the prestigious National Telstra micro business award in 2008.

Jeff's visionary approach, and innovative system design methods are also behind the development of Affirm's flagship product Revolve. Congratulations Jeff!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pitcher Partners Investment Services launch Revolve

Pitcher Partners, one of Australia's leading associations of full service accounting, auditing and advisory firms implements Affirm's Revolve Wealth Management solution.

Revolve was installed to assist Pitcher Partners process their product disclosure statements and application forms quickly and more efficiently. Revolve was then integrated with their CRM system to enable their financial planners to easily and accurately populate forms online with client data.

"We were amazed at how easily Revolve could integrate to XPlan and populate customer information onto the forms. We also really like being able to see the rich UI of the manual application form online"

Geoff Gray, Director of Business and Compliance, Pitcher Partners Investment Services Pty Ltd

Pitcher Partners are now looking at ways to use the software in other areas of the business and improve business efficiencies from a document automation and management perspective.

Press Release PDF

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Contract Connect transforms to Revolve

Affirm have spent some the last three months redefining our services, product offerings and rebranding our suite of software products.

The name ‘Contract Connect’ was very limiting as we not only manage and automate contracts, but do this for a variety of forms and document types. We felt the name Revolve more accurately and broadly reflected what we do so have relabelled our software suite to Revolve.

We also wanted to clearly communicate the verticals that we operate in so have spent some time in segmenting our market and now have clearly defined product offerings in Finance, Wealth Management, Insurance and Real Estate.

Download our latest sales brochure at

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Contract Connect: Menu bar, field editing and In-Form

Hi all,

We're just about to update the Contract Connect service, here's what's new:

Updated interface on contracts and templates

We've introduced a new way of accessing all the information in your contracts, use the menu bar to access all the document groups easily.

Editing of fields from Templates and Document Groups

Previously, when setting up fields on Contract Connect, once you had made your selections it was very difficult to change simple things about a field, things like the description or the default value. Now, clicking on the padlock against a field in Template or Document group will allow you to adjust these.

Events have been improved

The history of a contract will now be more detailed and include more useful information.

Searching is now faster and returns more relevant results

Find what you were looking for faster - what's not to like about that?

Overview thumbnail

With the menu bar, each contract now includes an overview of the entire contract. The thumbnail that you find here is now an easy way to review all of the contents of a contract in one easy document.

In-form : click. done.

Working with some of our partners, we found that they still had a lot of pain filling out paper forms. They just couldn't find a efficient way of completing them, could we help? We found that we could, and the result is an extremely exciting new service that we'll be lunching shortly called "In-form." It makes filling out forms easy- click. done.

We're sure you'll find the changes useful. If you have any comments or feedback, be sure to let us know, either below or at any of our email address' (

The Contract Connect Team.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Contract Connect is now even more powerful

Dear Contract Connect community,

We just wanted to take a minute or two to let you know about a few major features that we've just added to Contract Connect.

As you can see, we've been busy. Here's what's new:

New look and navigation layout
Contract Connect now has an updated look with tabs to navigate through the system, we think that you'll find it much cleaner and easier to use.

Document Groups
Document groups are a new level of organisation and flexibility for your contracts. With document groups, you can now share different documents, to different parties, from the same contract and information. For example, you could have a purchase order to your supplier and a tax invoice to your customer, both from the same order. Business is about your transactions and sales, Contract Connect now lets you organise your documents that way too.

Document Loops
Document Loops allow you to repeat almost any section of a Word document. You get the flexibility of typing into a Word processor, with all the power of Contract Connect. Good examples are where you create an invoice and you use document looping to add one or more line items or where you might want to add references to a finance loan application. Now, if you've got 1 or even 10 items, its not a problem.

Fields in PDF documents
If you have access to Adobe's Acrobat software you can now use Contract Connect to dynamically create unique documentation from PDF files. By having fields within your PDF files which are uploaded to Contract Connect, Contract Connect will now automatically insert the value of your fields into the document, just like it does with Word documents. You can also use PDF documents to create contract templates as well, allowing the most detailed and intricate graphic designs to be included in your documents that you share with your customers.

Instructional videos
Getting new users on board and using Contract Connect is about to be even easier and faster than before with clear and easy to follow instructional videos explaining how to using many aspects of Contract Connect.

Download My Content
Contained in a simple compressed file, available from the "Settings" tab, Download My Content allows an extra level of flexibility and peace of mind that documents are available when working offline.

There's also lots more minor changes that are too numerous to mention here, but if you've got any questions about the above, or Contract Connect, head to our support page at

The Contract Connect Team.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Welcome to the Affirm Software Blog!

Hi Everyone. We will be using this blog to keep you up to date on releases, products, and anything else of interest. We hope you like it!