Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Affirm Software launches quoting and originator management software

Today, in conjunction with this week’s prestigious IFSA Energise 2009 conference, Affirm Software Group unveils its innovative contract automation and management software for the finance industry.

Built as software as a service, Revolve Finance allows financiers to automate, share and manage accurate finance deals efficiently in one secure online location.

The system streamlines the entire finance origination process, reducing errors and dramatically cutting administration expenses. Businesses are document driven. With the stock market down more than 30% since last year, financiers and planners need to reduce costs and create efficiencies in the way they work.

Contract automation technology is critical in high contract volume environments. PWC published a research report into the real costs of paper and estimated that 90% of paper is merely shuffled, the average document is copied 19 times and 7.5% of documents are lost daily, while 2-4% of the remainder are misfiled.

Contract automation and management technology eliminates these sorts of paper costs whilst also saving time through streamlining repetitive tasks and processes, and creating data efficiencies, therefore increasing staff productivity.

SME Commercial Finance has been an early adopter of the system. Michael Pratt, Managing Director, believes “The financier of the future must be able to quickly deliver finance solutions to their clients. Revolve can deliver real efficiencies in the origination process.”

Jeff Bonnes, Affirm Software Group CEO states “our Revolve product is quick to implement and easy to use. It empowers users to create and manage complex, multi step contracts and document flows in one simple step.”

In a tight market, for Australian companies to weather the storm, they need to adopt such technologies and create greater sales opportunities, business efficiencies and drive down internal costs.