Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Contract Connect: Menu bar, field editing and In-Form

Hi all,

We're just about to update the Contract Connect service, here's what's new:

Updated interface on contracts and templates

We've introduced a new way of accessing all the information in your contracts, use the menu bar to access all the document groups easily.

Editing of fields from Templates and Document Groups

Previously, when setting up fields on Contract Connect, once you had made your selections it was very difficult to change simple things about a field, things like the description or the default value. Now, clicking on the padlock against a field in Template or Document group will allow you to adjust these.

Events have been improved

The history of a contract will now be more detailed and include more useful information.

Searching is now faster and returns more relevant results

Find what you were looking for faster - what's not to like about that?

Overview thumbnail

With the menu bar, each contract now includes an overview of the entire contract. The thumbnail that you find here is now an easy way to review all of the contents of a contract in one easy document.

In-form : click. done.

Working with some of our partners, we found that they still had a lot of pain filling out paper forms. They just couldn't find a efficient way of completing them, could we help? We found that we could, and the result is an extremely exciting new service that we'll be lunching shortly called "In-form." It makes filling out forms easy- click. done.

We're sure you'll find the changes useful. If you have any comments or feedback, be sure to let us know, either below or at any of our email address' (

The Contract Connect Team.

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David Kennedy said...

Fantastic news guys, I have been waiting for features like this, keep up the good work!