Monday, August 22, 2011

Visit Affirm at the HR Technology Conference October 12

Affirm showcased it's web based onboarding software, HROnboard at AHRI's Technology conference in Melbourne on October 12th.
HROnboard has dynamic data driven letter of offer clause inclusion and assembly enabling HR Managers to include any specific clauses or terms within individual letters of offer. It can then accommodate internal approvals, to ensure everything is approved online quickly. Once the letter of offer is approved, the HR Manager can customise employment packs to include policy and procedures manuals, pre-populated eForms, orientation schedules, videos, benefits documents, FAQ’s – any customised material you want new staff to see.

The system then issues the pack to employees for their review and approval online via a personalised and secure employee portal. They receive notification of their offer via their mobile phone (requiring PIN ID verification for security purposes). The candidate enters details only once, which pre populates all eForms. This saves the new staff member considerable time rewriting the same information across multiple forms.Once accepted, the system sends forms and documents to relevant departments, e.g. IT and payroll, for processing. This ensures that an employee’s workspace and material are all ready for their first day.

One of our clients, Brookfield, has seen measurable benefits since implementing “HROnboard” including:
· A reduction of over 85% in the cost per welcome pack due to the lower mailing, printing and HR administration costs to create and distribute the employment offers
· Full compliance with delegated authority levels through the implementation of online electronic approvals, removing all paper forms and approvals
· Improved turnaround around time for new starters to receive their welcome pack, offer and policies.
Brookfield’s HR Manager, Kristen Madigan comments “It has been amazing how fast we can get offers accepted now. Last week, it took only 20 minutes from the time the letter of offer was issued, to the time it was accepted by the candidate, including collecting all required data and acceptance of company policies.”
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