Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top 10 best/worst onboarding war stories as submitted via Twitter

Thank you for sharing your best and worst onboarding stories via Twitter. Below are the Top 5 onboarding stories, as submitted by you.

#5 – When I arrived, there a welcome banner on my pc for my first day, and then the whole team went out to lunch. I got a great feeling about the company and felt very valued and welcomed.

#4 - Three days into my new job, my company was acquired by another company. 5 days in, I was told I had to reapply for my job.

#3 - Went to work on my first day and as I opened the door, fell on my face and spilt coffee all over my boss. Very embarrassed!

#2 - Arrived Day 1 in suit and tie and everyone else in casual dress. What a dork. Thx 4 letting me know the dress code.

The winning entry by James Caldwell @cluemark: #1 - I joined a new start up project and before my contract start date I was given a welcome basket of goodies (nuts, chocolates,booze, etc.)..the value of which was deducted from my first pay(: Congratulations to James who wins a double-pass to Village Gold Class cinemas.

The process of onboarding a candidate can be frustrating for new employees, prone to error and involve lengthy delays to complete. It shouldn’t be like that. Getting the simple things right is often the best onboarding experience. Some simple tips:
  1. Ensure selected candidates receive paperwork, policy manuals and all forms efficiently online before starting, and as fast as possible to avoid them accepting another offer.
  2. On Day one, ensure the computer is set up with access to relevant system directories, payroll have the new candidate logged into their system, business cards ordered, phones set up and the induction program very polished. A team lunch is also a great way to welcome the new team member.
  3. Create actionable goals and expectations early
  4. Debrief at the end of the onboarding period confirming that the new candidate is happy and settled in
Innovative HR Managers can onboard staff so easily using cutting edge HR technology to help them improve efficiencies and make things easier for their staff and candidates.

HROnboard by Affirm Software allows HR teams to customise letter of offers being sent to candidates, with dynamic data driven letter of offer clause inclusion and assembly enabling them to include any specific clauses or terms within individual letters of offer. It can then accommodate internal approvals, to ensure everything is approved online quickly.
The HR Manager can customise employment packs to include policy and procedures manuals, pre-populated eForms, orientation schedules, videos, benefits documents, FAQ’s – any customised material you want new staff to see. This removes all paper forms and approvals.

The employees review and approve their offer online via a personalised and secure employee portal. They receive notification of their offer via their mobile phone (requiring PIN ID verification for security purposes). The candidate enters details only once, which pre populates all eForms. This saves the new staff member considerable time rewriting the same information across multiple forms.

Once accepted, the system sends forms and documents to relevant departments, e.g. IT and payroll, for processing. This ensures that an employee’s workspace and material are all ready for their first day. If they have all the material prior to starting, and all (IT and payroll) systems ready for Day 1, they can become productive much faster and start to quickly contribute to an organisation.

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