Thursday, November 3, 2011

Streamlined onboarding proves winning approach

Republished by Key Media 1/11/11
The Australian HR Awards held in Sydney last Friday saw recognition of excellence within the industry – and at the cutting edge of implementing streamlined HR processes, Brookfield Multiplex took out the award for Best use of Technology.

Upon winning the award, Kristen Madigan, General Manager of HR at Brookfield Multiplex, said it was excellent to receive recognition for the contribution their team has made to their organisation.

Brookfield Multiplex was recognised for their successful implementation of a streamlined onboarding system, HROnboard by Affirm Software, and Madigan said the software has completely removed the manual processes common to the onboarding process.

Speaking to HC, Bryan Ericson, CEO Affirm Software Group, said surprisingly there are not a lot of onboarding solutions on the Australian market given that completing the process using software is just 10-20% of the cost of manually onboarding a candidate. Ericson said the key factor and point of difference was that their onboarding solution allows for complete flexibility, and the system can be adapted to the needs of individual companies.

The key benefits that have driven positive feedback included the quick turnaround of candidate approval, and the option of sms acceptance of employee contracts. Ericson also said, “We had one candidate complete the whole process within 20 mins. Normally that would take upwards of a week, and when you can turn the process around really quickly you’re obviously more likely to get your first choice candidate.”

EmployeeConnect sponsored the award, and Ari Kopoulos, national sales and marketing manager said it was refreshing to hear of organisations harnessing the available technology, and using it to derive real benefits and value.“You know we talk about [implementing new technologies], but to see it actually happening, is great to see,” Kopoulos said.- Stephanie Zillman -

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