Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 ways to guarantee a successful onboarding project

1. Create a solid business case with clearly outlined cost savings and the return on investment (ROI) that electronic onboarding will deliver.
  • Affirm have an onboarding ROI calculator which we can use to help define all your manual onboarding costs and the potential savings (around 80% of you manual costs), which can be used to build your business case
2. Ensure Legal are comfortable with electronic signatures on contracts and that all employment contracts are up to date.
  • Complete this review process prior to starting your project to avoid any delays with getting started
3. Appoint Senior Management as project owners and educate them so they support a fully paperless solution, including electronic signatures 
  • Educate Management that electronic signatures are legally acceptable
  • The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is comfortable that our system is fully compliant and use HROnboard to approve their contracts, policies and Tax file declarations, all electronically. 
4. Form your working groups early
  • Actively engage and gain buy-in with IT and Facilities Management and other service providers to discuss how everyone will benefit from the onboarding project
  • Involve marketing resources to ensure marketing messages andcorporate collateral as part of the onboarding process, are all in line with the company’s brand. 
5. Audit your current onboarding processes and contracts
  • Use your onboarding project as a way to audit and streamline your onboarding processes, procedures, contracts, brochures and policies
  • Check that all HR policies are up to date for the business before moving online and that you have all the latest documents including the latest Fair Work statements. Appoint an owner of these artefacts to ensure they are kept up to date and compliant
  • Review all employment templates used and reduce these down to the core employments contracts necessary
  • Map out stakeholders and providers within the business and confirm if any are impacted by different work place agreements, regional contracts or health and safety regulations, and factor these into your contracts. 
A little bit of planning upfront will ensure you are onboarding new hires in no time. 

Contact us for any further information or to help you build your business case for electronic onboarding.

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