Monday, May 27, 2013

Keen to avoid manually processing forms every month?

A large Australian State Government Department urgently needed a solution to manage their casual overtime and travel expense claim forms, used frequently by their 1600 employees.

The Department implemented Revolve eForms

The solution has enabled them to efficiently process hundreds of HR forms electronically each month. 
Employees login to the system via their intranet and the eForms portal provides them with a fully branded interface for a seamless user experience.

Upon creation of a new form, fields are pre-populated with known data. The form is then automatically sent to their Managers’ dashboard for approval. 

Our eForms solution supports customised notifications to employees and managers so that users are kept informed of the progress of an eForm/claim.

Completed forms data is exported and sent onto our clients’ system for further processing. 

Additional benefits from moving to eforms include:

- Improving customer satisfaction
- Eliminating compliance risks
- Going green and reducing a company's carbon footprint; and
- Being innovative

The Department have been extremely happy with the results achieved by moving to eforms and intend to automate additional forms in the near future.

“Easy to use... it’s just what we needed. It’s brilliant!”
- Senior Manager, Large Government Department

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